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When John Steinbeck chartered a boat out of Monterey to visit Baja, there was little going on in Cabo San Lucas. For most of this century, Cabo has remained a quiet fishing village. But the natural beauty of Lands End brought on its inevitable touristic development. Today, where Baja ends a " turn up the music! " fun vacation begins.

The tranquillity which originally drew many admirers has been replaced with a world class marina in the center of town. You'll find cozy boutique hotels and many 5 star resorts, just about any imaginable category of accommodations ranging from breezy palapas to swank villas.

Cabo San Lucas remains somewhat clear of franchise terrorism, its night life is no doubt the best in a thousand miles. Enjoy excellent beaches and quality water sports facilities. Surf, swim, SCUBA, tan, sail and windsurf. Equal variety on land. The waters surrounding the cape offer exhilerating fishing adventures. Cabo San Lucas’ operators often support a catch-and-release policy. If you are looking for a good time filled with fast paced tourist activities, come to Cabo.

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Cabo San Lucas Beaches 

What’s a Cabo beach? It’s a clean, clear, warm and unusually calm ocean rolling onto white sand. West of town, the Pacific pounds the shore. It is intimidating to watch these waves, enough to not want to swim there. East of town, this side of the ark you will find the calmer waters of the Sea of Cortez, whose beaches are protected from its imminent ocean neighbor.

Pacific Beaches   / Sea of Cortez Beaches

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Individuals who have traveled the length of the Baja peninsula will make their final stop in Cabo San Lucas. Whether setting up a tent or parking the RV, Cabo San Lucas offers a good selection of options. Most of the camp grounds are close to town and a couple are within the city limits. Camping on the beach is also an option, and the coast north of Cabo offers miles of undeveloped beaches for those who prefer roughing it.


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The waters off Cabo San Lucas offer a wide variety of life, sailfish, blue marlin and more. Those anglers just looking for a good fight will be happy to hook a dorado, wahoo or yellowtail.If you don't really care what kind of fish you catch, as long as you can get out on a boat and have a few beers, Cabo San Lucas caters to you, too.

Fishing / Boating

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Hotels in Cabo San Lucas come in all shapes and sizes. The most expensive hotels are located right on the beach, while the more affordable hotels are located in town.

However, if you're looking for a combination of affordability and luxury check out timeshares in Cabo San Lucas. These comfy suites and villas can sometimes be found at high end beach hotels, city hotels and most hotels in between. Some of the most popular hotels in the Cabo San Lucas area offer timeshare suites so that families and budget travelers can enjoy unparalleled comforts at a reasonable price.

Rates quoted for Cabo hotel and timeshare rooms generally do not include the ever increasing room tax, plus possible service costs.

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The three main locations for hotels in Cabo are:

On The Beach / At The Marina / In Town / Additional Info

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Cabo San Lucas offers an exhaustive selection of what to eat and drink. Mother-in- law size (but tasty) lobsters and bucket-sized margaritas, sushi, tacos, whatever, just follow your nose.

On The Beach   / In Town

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As if you didn’t shop enough at home, take your credit cards for a stroll through Cabo streets. You will not easily find valuable goods but you’re certain to have fun spending money. Most popular stores are located in the main streets running through town, and yes, there are malls! Compare prices and haggle.


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Renting a car is a good choice for the Baja traveler looking to explore the region. Most larger hotels have car rental desks in their lobbies, although the international airport is usually the first choice for renting a car.

All rental agencies in Cabo San Lucas require a deposit be placed on a major credit card. Debit cards are not accepted, as these cannot be processed through local banks. If you do not have a credit card, Budget Rent-A-Car at the airport might deal with you if you pay in advance, and leave your return ticket as collateral. Give it a shot!

Most rentals include unlimited mileage. Carefully inspect the vehicle you are about to rent. If you are planning any off-road driving, confirm at least spare tire(s) and jack.

Each year automobile accidents involving cattle take more lives than any other event on Highway 1. Baja roads are the worst in the world (excluding Belize). Keep that in mind, drive carefully at anytime, especially at night.

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In addition to the vast array of recreational options offered in Cabo San Lucas, there are other fun things to do for the Cabo visitor. The link included below offers numerous ways to enjoy your vacation, without having to get your hair wet!

Sights of Interest

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If you want an active vacation, you have come to the right place! Cabo San Lucas is a great place to relax, unwind, and just do nothing, but it's also a great place to blow off a little steam and get the heart pumping.

Much of the recreation in Cabo is water oriented, and if you like to get wet, this is the place to do it! Diving, kayaking, parasailing, sailing, snorkeling, surfing, and's all here. And because the ocean water temperatures is warm almost all year long, it's a real pleasure to indulge.

Not too keen on getting wet? No worries, Cabo also offers plenty to do on dry land, such as A.T.V. rentals, bikes, golfing, gymnasiums, horeback riding and more. It's all here...just waiting for you!

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