Cabo San Lucas / Sea of Cortez Beaches

PLAYA DE AMOUR * (Lover's Beach)

This is where the Baja Peninsula ends. Take a panga from the marina or the beach.

Snorkeling through the arch is fun when the seas are calm! When the ocean swells are up, don't try it. Great beach to relax, snorkel, or picnic. From this beach you can walk to the Pacific side, where you will find a large, beautiful, and (usually) empty beach. Paradise!

LA PLAYITAS * (Small Beaches)

Small beaches from the old cannery building at the harbor, up to Lover's beach.

At lower tides these little beaches are a great place for a private picnic or a nap! Snorkeling along the reefs near these beaches is usually excellent. These great "mini-beaches" can be accessed by snorkeling down from Lover's Beach, or by kayaking across from Cabo's main beach.

PLAYA MEDANO * (Dune Beach)

From the east end of the harbor entrance, all the way up past the big hotels.

This is the main beach for Cabo San Lucas. Recreation, food, music, you name it, it's all here! Lots of places nearby to rent Wave Runners, kayaks, and sailboards. Parasailing is also available for those who want a birds-eye view of Cabo! Pangas will pick you up here and take you to the Arch, or drop you off for an hour or two at Lover's Beach. This beach is a fun place to hang out all day and watch the action!


East of town, exit the Highway at Km. 5 near Los Arcos R.V. west to the beach.

A good place to check out the tide pools, with some sandy beaches nearby.

PLAYA CABEZA DE BALLENA * (Whale's Head Beach)

Off the main highway, east of El Arco R.V. Park, near Km. 7 head to beach.

A more remote beach, usually not too crowded. Access is not easy down steep trail.

PLAYA BARCO VARADO * (Shipwreck Beach)

Off the Baja Highway at Km. 9, take the dirt road all the way to the ocean.

Mostly rocky, offering some nice tide pools, sandy beach around the corner.

PLAYA LAS VIVDAS * (Playa Twin Dolphin)

Taking the highway east from town, head towards the beach, west of Twin Dolphin.

A beautiful beach, very private. On a normal day this beach is empty and waiting

PLAYA SANTA MARIA * (Santa Maria Bay)

Parking exit at Km. 11.5, or park at Twin Dolphin Hotel beach access parking lot.

A perfect crescent beach, excellent for snorkeling! Most of the fish hang out in the reefs to the left or right of the bay. Granite sand, bring footwear. If you prefer to have a bit of shade, bring an umbrella. A great place for a picnic, or to just laze away the day. One of Cabo's most beautiful beaches!


Located to the west of Hotel Cabo San Lucas at Km. 14.5. Parking area right off the highway.

A beautiful beach, with the reef coming right up to shore. The Water Sports shack just up from the beach makes this a convenient place for water activities! Snorkeling here is some of the best in Cabo. Lots of fish!

Looking for a bit of privacy? Head up the beach (away from the hotel) past the reefs up from the water shack. These intimate beaches are a great place to enjoy the Sea of Cortez, and still find some solitude.

Rentals available at the water shack include kayaks, a windsurfer, and a small sailboat. Restrooms are also available.


PLAYA BLEDITO * (Tequila Cove)

Off the Baja Highway at Km. 19.5, taking the dirt road to the ocean.

A gorgeous beach, with few visitors. A good place to spend the day!


Located in front of the Cabo Real Hotel. Parking available in the hotel parking lot.

A big beach featuring a protected breakwater, perfect for swimming and water sports! If there is any kind of a swell in the ocean, this breakwater provides an excellent barrier and placid conditions. A water sports rental shack offers a good selection of water toys!

PLAYA LA CONCHA * (Shell Beach)

Exit Baja Highway at Cabo Real Hotel, skirt to the east of hotel on access road.

Small beautiful beach with a protected ocean wading pool. Restaurant, bar, small pool! A great place for kids to wade in the water, without having to fear ocean swells. The restaurant offers a good selection of food and drink, including a full bar. Easy to get to...hard to leave (unless the tour bus got there before you did!).