Cabo San Lucas / Pacific Beaches

PLAYA DE AMOR (Lover's Beach) 

Located at the very end of the Baja Peninsula! This wonderful beach is only a short panga ride from the marina or the main beaches.

One of Cabo's most talked about (but least frequently visited) beaches.

At very low low tides you can walk under the famous Arch at Land's End! It's just a short snorkel away from Lover's Beach. At higher tides the snorkeling is great, and there are usually hundreds of fish to check out.

One of the unique features of Lover's Beach is that it connects over to the Pacific Side of Cabo, allowing a gander at the large breakers that roll in from the open sea. This Pacific-side beach is huge, private, and beautiful!

Lover's Beach is a great beach for snorkeling along the bluffs, or relaxing in the warm white sand.



Located in front of the Solmar and Finisterra Hotels, near the end of Baja Highway. Access can be obtained by going through the lobby of either hotel.

This absolutely beautiful beach is the widest beach in Los Cabos! Lots of room for roaming, and a great beach for watching the waves!

Up for an adventure? The large granite rocks next to the Solmar Hotel offer a trail that connects over to Lover's Beach! The boulder trail is not for the weak, but is not overly difficult, either. The reward is worth it! Once you get to Lover's Beach, you are likely to be the only people on the beach that didn't arrive by boat! A note of may be tempted to avoid the rock trail on the way back to the Solmar Hotel, and try to attempt to swim back around the large granite rocks. This is extremely dangerous because of the large unpredictable waves...don't even try!



Accessible through the Pedrigal real estate development. Smile at the gate guard, give him a cold drink, and tell him you are going to La Playa. Follow the cobblestone road to the top of the hill, then down the back side to the point closest to the beach, on the north end. (by the large grove of palm trees).

Three consecutive spectacular beautiful beaches, each one more awesome and remote! The first beach you reach after you park your car is great, but don't stop now! Head up the beach (north) to the next beach, which is even more remote and beautiful. But wait, there's more! Keep heading up the beach towards the rocks that meet the ocean. Beyond those rocks is a third, even more private and spectacular beach! Looking for a place for a secluded picnic? This is it!

PLAYA EL FARO VIEJO (The Old Lighthouse)

North of town three miles, left turn at the dirt road heading west, park at end.

A remote beach popular with the All Terrain Vehicle crowd. Difficult to get to without some kind of off road vehicle. The old lighthouse is a great place for sunsets!