Cabo San Lucas / Wind Surfing
Behind the calm glassy waters of San Lucas Bay, on the Pacific Ocean side of Cabo San Lucas, the wind and waves pick up each afternoon with amazing predictability. Few places in Baja offer the combination of strong winds and large swells on such a regular basis. For serious board-heads, the sailing here is every bit as exciting as Buena Vista on the East Cape, and the winds here, though not as strong as Buena Vista, are more consistent. Of course the calm waters of the inner bay are perfect for beginners, with the winds usually coming in from behind the harbor, and heading offshore into San Lucas harbor. Basic boards can be rented at the water sports shack below the Hacienda Hotel, near the entrance to the marina. Looking for more information on windsurfing in Baja? Look no further! The great web site of SOLOSPORTS has tons of good information on windsurfing in Baja. Check it out!



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