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Puerto Salinas

PUERTO SALINAS or LA SALINA (as it is more frequently referred to) lies approximately half way between the U.S.- Mexican border and Ensenada. This collection of homes sits on a wide stretch of beach and a large estuary. The potential for development was just too good to pass up for somebody with deep pockets, and now construction is underway for a very large scale resort.

The existing development of homes at La Salina are modest in size, consisting of houses and trailers right on the beach, and just back from the beach. Some of these home are very attractive, and a couple of them are right out of 'Gilligan's Island'! It's a quiet place, and a great place to enjoy the slower Baja lifestyle. At least it was until the new development got started.

Puerto Salinas is the name for the grand plan here. The master plan includes marina-front homes and condos, a hotel, hundreds of boats slips, and much more. When it's all complete, this will be a premier destination in Baja. However, since you probably won't have a gate card to get in this private resort, you may want to visit this beautiful beach now, while it is still accessible to everyone.

La Salina is still a very relaxing place to get away from it all, and just a short drive up the coast to Rosarito Beach, or down the coast to Ensenada for services, restaurants, and other fun Baja activities

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Puerto Salinas Beaches 

This stretch of coast has some of the widest and best beaches between Rosarito and Ensenada, and plenty of elbow room to enjoy it all!

Best access is from the large parking area on the west side of the road, just north of La Salina, or in La Salina by the sales office of the new development.

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Camping facilities north and south of La Salina run from very basic to very luxurious. Prices usually reflect the amenities offered.

By far the most extensive R.V park in the area is Baja Seasons, just north of La Salina. It offers a little bit of everything, in a first class environment.


Located just off of the free coastal road at Km. 59, north of Hotel La Mission.

A large flat dirt area with magnificent sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean...right above the bluffs!

Not many facilities, but a great location. Tent camping is welcome. Services nearby include three good restaurants and three good bars. Inexpensive!


Telephone (800) 754-4190 * (619) 422-2777 * 011-52 (66) 28-6128.

Coastal road at Km. 72.

Mailing address: 1177 Broadway Avenue, Suite 2, Chula Vista, California, 91911.

140 sites / cement pads / full hookups / pool / Jacuzzi / beach / restaurant / bar / sauna / steam room / gym / 2 tennis courts (lighted) / volleyball / billiards / TV / miniature golf / full service laundry room / convenience store.

One of Baja's few first class campgrounds, located on a huge, beautiful beach!


2.5 miles south of La Mission off toll road.

One of the few camping spots actually on the beach / few facilities.

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The new marina is currently under construction, and when it is finished, it will be the closest Baja marina to the United States. In addition to being the closest, it will also be the nicest, designed with the high standards of other tourist-area marinas.

Until then, offshore fishing can be arranged in Ensenada, or in San Diego.


Telephone (619) 469-4255.

San Diego, California.

Fishing packages in the waters off of northern Baja, Mexico.


Telephone (619) 221-8500.

2838 Garrison Street, San Diego, California, 92106.

A fleet of professional fishing boats independently owned and operated.


Telephone (619) 222-1144.

2803 Garrison Street, San Diego, California, 92106.

Sportsfishing in Mexican waters out of San Diego Bay.

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The master plan for Puerto Salina calls for a luxury hotel, right on the beach. Lodging in the general area at this time is limited to the following funky but quaint hotels.


Approximately 4 miles north of La Salina on the bluffs, just off of the free road at Km. 58.

32 rooms tucked away in a lush hillside setting, with spectacular ocean views from almost every room. The wonderful "Garden of Eden" covered pathway that leads to the beach can be accessed by most rooms, and lets out at the north end of the La Fonda beach. The rooms are decorated with a funky Mexican decor, and are clean and simple. Most rooms offer balconies and patios...and each room is unique. The restaurant and bar areas are Baja landmarks, and worth a visit for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Upstairs, above the restaurant and bar.

8 rooms, each facing the ocean. Spartan.


Located at Km. 58 on the west side of the free road, in La Mission.

10 rooms / 8 ocean front / all with fireplaces / restaurant / huge bar / market.

Looks a lot bigger than it really is, mostly because of the huge restaurant and bar. Located just above the Pacific Ocean, with great views!

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La Salina offers a small restaurant - bar, and it's very easy to get to. The La Salina offramp off the coastal road ends up right there. It's usually a pretty quiet environment, and a good place to relax. Front and rear patios offer two different views.

There are also two other good restaurants in the area.


Located at Km. 58 off of the old road, on the ocean side of the street.

A large, open restaurant and bar, with a special balcony area offering tables right up against the big ocean view!


Located off of the free road at Km. 58, on the west side of the street. Just north of la Fonda Hotel-Restaurant.

No direct street access. Go into the "Surf Point" parking lot next to La Mission Hotel, then head south (left).

A super-quaint cafe offering indoor and outdoor dining. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a full palapa bar! There's usually some kind of music playing...a great environment to catch a bite to eat!


Sharp right turn after you exit the offramp. Top of the small hill, left side.

Kitchen open Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The bar is open 7 days a week. Pool table.

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This information is currently unavailable

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This information is currently unavailable.

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Looking for a quaint place to escape the coastal crowds and soak in a bit of true Baja 'manana'? Then a short drive to the rest area of Santa Rosa might be just what the doctor ordered!

Getting there is half the fun! Santa Rosa is located on the free road that heads towards Ensenada. This road leaves the coast at Km. 60, then heads into a large broad valley, and eventually up a steep hill to the south end of the valley. After reaching the plateau on top of the hill, Santa Rosa is about 15 minutes to the south.

Don't expect much...but you'll like what you find! A v-e-r-y quaint store with a large open patio and lots of refreshments and goodies to choose from. Looking to stretch your legs? A basketball area (1/2 court) is open to anyone who has the desire to play..plenty of balls are available.

Fresh honey is sold on the counter, made from the bee-hives right on the roof! It doesn't get any fresher than this!

Clean restrooms are also available. The whole feeling here is very relaxing...a great place for a fun excursion...or a wonderful pit-stop on the way to Ensenada!

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LA SALINA offers miles of ordinary beach break. A bit further south the bluffs begin, creating small point breaks with better shape. If you really need better shape, it's only a 20 minute drive to the right sliders of San Miguel.

LA FONDA. North of La Salina, the north end of La Fonda and Surf Point offer more consistent shape. Located between Km. 58 and Km. 59, this area is mostly a beach break, with some rocky beach at the north point. Left and right shoulders can often be found, especially with any decent swell. A north swell will provides better shape and longer rides.

KM. 43 Even further north of La Fonda, Km 43 offers nice peaks on a rock beach with pretty easy access down a low bluff.

CALAFIA. Just about a mile north of Km. 43, large waves are pretty common at the point at Calafia. This is a right break that can offer a fast and steep take off, which gets somewhat mushy as it heads towards shore. This is a nasty place to surf at low tide, with several reefs hiding just below the water line, just waiting to reconfigure the bottom of your board.


The lagoon is usually a great place to kayak, although there is currently a lot of construction going on in the outer bay. The inner bay might be the best bet for calm water.