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Discovered years ago by the "let's go to Baja and raise hell" weekend surf crowd from southern California. The surf crowd still drops by, but they have upgraded from V.W.'s to BMW's, and they are a tad more refined than they used to be. Over the years, Puerto Nuevo has grown from one famous lobster restaurant to almost 30 at last count! This seaside village now attracts a broad section of visitors from all age groups.

Although big lobster dinners are no longer available for $6.00, you can still fill up on a great lobster meal for about $12.00. If you are only moderately hungry, splitting a full meal with a friend is a great way to go...just order extra flour tortillas! Each meal includes lobster (small, medium or large - your choice), rice, beans, tortillas, chips and salsa. Cold beer is available to cool off hungry hombres on those warm Baja afternoons, and tequila is never far away for those who just finished playing in the ocean!

Puerto Nuevo has grown up a lot in the last few years, and the village now includes bars, curious shops, and other stores. Strolling mariachis add a special Baja flavor to the restaurants and street corners. It's a great place to walk around to enjoy a unique piece of Baja culture!

Puerto Nuevo is famous for it's lobster, but not necessarily for it's beaches. Most of the coastline north and south of Puerto Nuevo consists of low bluffs and rocky beaches.

Nothin' wrong with that, and sunsets here can be wonderful, but better beaches await the Baja traveler further north towards Rosarito, or further south towards La Salina. Go for the food!

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Puerto Nuevo Beaches 

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There are several camping and R.V. locations north of Puerto Nuevo, a very nice one south near La Salina, but only one relatively close by.


Telephone 011-52 (661) 2-1502.

Km 33, north of Puerto Nuevo.

33 campsites / concrete pads / full hook-ups / flush toilets / showers / restaurant / pool.

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These days most of the lobster consumed at Puerto Nuevo is brought in by truck. Some of the locals do go fishing offshore here, but there are no facilities for tourists.

Shore fishing might provide some fun, but not the larger trophies most fishermen are looking for.

Best bet for boat launching and fishing is Ensenada. Offshore fishing also be arranged in San Diego.


Telephone (619) 469-4255.

San Diego, California.

Fishing packages to Coronado Islands, Guadeloupe Island, short and long trips.


Telephone (619) 221-8500.

2838 Garrison Street, San Diego, California, 92106.

Over a dozen privately owned and operated professional fishing boats.


Telephone (619) 222-1144.

2803 Emerson Street, San Diego, California, 92106.

Sportsfishing in Mexican waters out of San Diego Bay.

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Lodging options in the Puerto Nuevo area are increasing year by year. Some are quaint motels, others are modern resorts.

The smaller hideaways offer a rustic Baja feel, while the larger and new complexes offer the glamour of a first class hotel in Las Vegas. Your choice.



Km. 45 on coast highway.

147 rooms / pool / Jacuzzi / volleyball court / tennis court / gym / coffee shop / 2 bars.

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There are more restaurants per square foot in Puerto Nuevo than any other place in Baja! They are literally on every corner. Now that the ground level spaces are all taken, many of the newer restaurants are being built upstairs in various locations of the village, some offering ocean views.

Almost every restaurant has a bar, so no one leaves town hungry or thirsty.


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Most Baja travelers in the Puerto Nuevo area arrive by car. Getting here is very easy. Just take the toll road south from Rosarito Beach (8 miles north), and exit the "Puerto Nuevo" offramp at Km. 49. The village is just south of the offramp.

Same thing coming south on the free road...the village is on the right side at Km. 49.

It can also be fun to use taxis to get to Puerto Nuevo, especially at night, for folks staying in and around Rosarito Beach.


There is a bus stop on both sides of the highway, at the entrance to Puerto Nuevo. Northbound buses are headed for Rosarito Beach, southbound buses are Ensenada bound.


Taxis lineup at the entrance to Puerto Nuevo, eager to take lobster-stuffed tourists back to the hotel/condo/resort from whence they came. Depending upon the distance, most rides will cost between $5 - $10, or a few dollars per person. Running over livestock justifies no tip to the driver.



Telephone (619) 454-7166 * Fax (619) 454-2703.


Custom 2 day adventures to Puerto Nuevo from San Diego, including a tour and lunch in Ensenada and lodging in Puerto Nuevo.

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The Cantamar sand dunes are a natural phenomena well worth a visit. These beautiful dunes are not as grand as some of the spectacular dunes further south in Baja, but they give the Baja traveler a taste of a unique desert environment.

Cantamar Dunes run about 2 miles long, located between the coastal road and the coastline. Watch out for motor vehicles of all types in the nooks and crannies of these dunes! Mornings are usually calm (and sometimes foggy), and the cool sea breeze usually picks up after lunch. Access is via a dirt road in town, just north of the free road exit.

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Horses are often available for rent at the entrance to the village, just north of the village entrance. There are usually several steeds to choose from, and prices are reasonable.


This coastline can be enjoyed from a kayak, however it is totally exposed to the prevailing swells and winds. Best times are early mornings, and at sunset.


Dune buggies, motorcycles, and ATV's love the sand dunes that start south of Puerto Nuevo running between the coastal highway and the coastline. Vehicles with a large antenna topped with a bright orange flags stand a better chance of a safe outing, as some of the dunes get steep rather suddenly.


Most of the waves in this area are beach break, and do not offer much shape. Point breaks can be spotted from the coastal free road

CALAFIA. Located just a few miles from Puerto Nuevo, Calafia offers a good right point break that starts off fast and wicked, then mushes out as it heads towards shore. Surfing at low tide is scary because of the reefs just below the surface.

CALAFIA SOUTH. Located about a half mile south of Calafia, this surf break offers easy peaks left and right, and it's just a short walk down the bluffs to get to.

Km. 58 is located just north of La Fonda, and offers a beach break with unusually good shape. Access is easy from the dirt parking lot / campground just above the water, and you can't miss the sign just off the free road..."SURF Km. 58". This is a great place to surf your butt off, and then camp on the bluffs at night. There are two easy trails from the campground to the water.

A little further south, in San Miguel, the shape improves considerably, with nice rights.

A new surf shop has recently opened just north of Calafia, on the west side of the free road.

For more information about SURFING NORTHERN BAJA, check out this article by Mark Johnson.

INNER REEF SURF SHOP is a good place to stop and find out which breaks are happening. Surfboards for rent and for sale, wax for sale, plus miscellaneous equipment. Check it out!