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The Baja 1000 Challenge for Ultralights

The Baja 1000 Challenge for Ultralights was organized by NORRA (National Off-Road Racing Asociation). In the Mexican team were Jose M. Salomon, Miguel Salomon, Jor ge Bazua and Javier Montoya. We used a Baby Terra for the race. The Baby Terra is an conventional ultralight with three axes control, high wing and a close d cockpit powered by a Rotax engine, 35 H.P. with a three blade pusher propeller. Air speed is around 60 M.P.H.

There were the following teams: Waikik i, with a Quicksilver MXL; Weedhooper, with a Weedhooper Nova with a Rotax 503 engine; < b>Newport, with a Robertson B1-RD and Stev e Ketlz from Tucson, AZ. with a Quickallver. We named our group the "Teratorn Boys". We found ourselves to have some advantages here in Mexico, be ng Mexicans ;-). Our trailer held three Teratorns. One was flown the entire course while the others were carried in the trailer until the last day.

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