January, 1997 
Photos by David Vance, Christina Hope and Steve Traudt. 
Commentary by Jamie Cotton  
Feb/March, 1997 
Photos by Nina Rizzo
Commentary by Jamie Cotton  
April, 1997 
Photos by 
Arianna Orner, Mark Esposito, and Dale O'Dell, 
Articles by Dale O'Dell & Michael Fulks 
Commentary on the creative process by Jamie Cotton 
 May, 1997 
Photos by Allen Birnbach & Glen R. Johnson 
Essays by Jody Schiesser & Mark Christensen 
Short Story by Glen R. Johnson  
June, 1997 
Photos by Mark Sink, "Toy Nudes" 
Photos by Tony Ryan, "Hannah" 
Essay by Jamie Cotton 
"Diana Babblings" by Mark Sink  
July- August, 1997 
Photos by Tomas del Amo, Chuck Stevens and Jack Pitonak 
Articles, Essays and Commentaries 
by Jamie Cotton,  Jody Schiesser, Michael Fulks and Rick Athearn
September, 1997 
by Fred Morales, Jr. and
Carl A. Brandenburg 
Articles by 
Michael Fulks 
and Jamie Cotton 
October, 1997
The Photographs 
of … Lindsay Garrett and
Joris Van Daele 
"Whose Ideal" 
by Michael Fulks 
"Tips for Photographers and Models" 
by Jamie Cotton  
November, 1997  
Going Softly...
Images by Kirk Clendinning
Photography by 
Mark Christensen
Seeing in Red...
Infrared Photos by Michael Fulks
Articles by Michael Fulks and Jody Schiesser
December, 1997 - January, 1998
Valley View Review
The Year in Review 
February, 1998
The Photo Club of Göteborg
Looknsee Photography
Boyd Fellows
March, 1998
Small Town Photographer, Donald L. Dodrill
Photography by Mark Hamilton
April, 1998
Photos by Darrel Pierson
May, 1998
Women of the Sex Industry by Richard W Mueller and the Photography of Tim J. Phillips. 
June, 1998
The Photographs of  Australian Photographer Michael Marlborough
"Lori" by Michael Fulks
"The Gentle Nude, Part 2" by Joris Van Daele 
July, 1998
Photography by
Dan McCormack and Robert Baham
Article by Jamie Cotton
August-September, 1998
Fumio Hanano
Masahiro Oku
Tamaki Obuchi
Masazumi Fukuchi 
October, 1998
Steve Anschell
Charles Zeis 
November, 1998
Dave Potter
Steve Traudt
 December, 1998
Mark Esposito, Part 1
Dave Glover 
January-March, 1999
Mark Esposito, Part 2
Masao Yoshida
April-June, 1999
T.L. Cubbage
Philippe Baud
Renata Ratajczyk
Jack Pitonak
July-Sept, 1999
Bob Smith
T.L. Cubbage
Maddalena Di Gregorio
Ron Johnson
Short Takes
Oct.-Dec, 1999
Roy/Momento Mori
The Final Art

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