Letter from the Publisher

Michael Fulks

Over two years ago we began The Sensuous Line. Our mission was to provide a forum where photographers of the human form could display their work, and those who enjoyed seeing fine art images could be inspired by the wonderful work that is too often hidden away or censored by art galleries, photography magazines, and other venues one would expect to normally see fine photography.

When we first started, most of our participating photographers did not even have e-mail, much less their own websites. The Sensuous Line was a win-win situation for both the viewers and the photographers. Several of our very first artists still get inquiries about their work today, over two years after they first appeared. Many photographers happily reported that they sold work as a result of their exposure on the Sensuous Line.

But over the past year we have seen a change. As more photographers have become web savvy, they have started sites of their own to show their work and as a result have been less enthusiastic about participating with us. As we enter our third year, it has become harder and harder to find photographers wanting to display their work and writers who want to write about the nude. As many of you have also noted regarding the forum, participation there also dwindled during last fall to the point many wondered if the forum was still working.

These changes have caused us to begin to rethink the role of The Sensuous Line. The number of hours spent to prepare each issue and the costs to produce the magazine far outweigh the income derived from it. It is for this reason, I have decided to suspend publication of new issues until I can look at the options and create a means to making The Sensuous Line more viable.

All issues of the Sensuous Line that have been published so far will remain on line indefinitely and we will continue to offer these for sale at $4.95 per issue. I anticipate at least one more issue in the next month or two. This will also be available for purchase. I know many of you have paid for subscriptions through June of 1999. I will be offering refunds to those of you who wish them. These will be prorated based upon the remaining time you have on your subscriptions. To receive your refund, you will need to provide me with your name and address, your passwords, and a copy of your invoice if possible. Those with copies of the invoice will receive refunds first. They can be sent to me via email at mfulks@apogeephoto.com or mailed to me at:

Apogee Photo, Inc
12794 S Hwy 285
Conifer, CO 80433
Please allow 6 weeks for your refund.

I am also open to suggestions. One such suggestion that I received is to turn the Sensuous Line into an on line gallery. We are strongly considering this at the moment. Our infra-structure for making online sales is already in place and it would be easy to shift gears into that sort of business. Please feel free to email me with other suggestions.

I know that others of you out there regret this decision as much as I do. This has been a labor of love for me, in spite of the fact that I have been called a pornographer and that Apogee Photo Magazine, the parent company of The Sensuous Line, has lost advertisers because of this "smut" we publish. Nonetheless I feel strongly that the art of the nude should remain an important part of photography and photography education. We need to remain steadfast in our attempts to educate the Philistines of the world that this art form is legitimate. The pleasure that we derive from creating and enjoying it is anything but prurient as they have been taught to believe. Through the writings that have appeared in these pages, we have discussed the spiritual nature of the nude and exchanged the many ways that we have grown because of our work in fine-art nude photography. We must continue to discuss these issues, continue to make these images, and most importantly continue to display these images anywhere we can.

Sincerely yours,

Michael Fulks