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San Juanico

San Juanico is a small seaside fishing village with an increasingly larger following! Pilots and sailors refer to it as 'Punta Pequena'. Surfers know it as 'Scorpion Bay'. And fishermen call it 'Heaven'!

This Baja village is located approximately 100 miles north of Ciudad Insurgentes, and approximately 100 miles south of San Ignacio. No matter which way you are coming from, there is really no easy way to get there. The road coming down from the north is rock, dirt, tidal flats, and in some places sand. The road from the south is paved for the first 70 miles from Ciudad, and then graded dirt for the last 30 miles.

San Juanico is located on a large, beautiful, well protected bay. It's a great place for sailors to hole up on the way up or down the coast, and the short runway (when open) makes for a fun fly in destination for private pilots. When the ocean swells roll in from the south, surfing the 7 right point breaks is a dream come true.

There is one small restaurant in town, and two small markets. San Juanico a quiet escape from the real world, except when the Baja 1000 blasts through town every couple of years!

Most of the gringo activity in San Juanico takes place about a mile outside town, at Scorpion Bay Cantina. Hosts Dave and Laurie offer food, drinks, and camping accommodations. This is a great place to meet fellow Baja travelers, and share Baja adventures.

Large vacation homes are now being built on a low bluff with views of the Pacific Ocean, between the Cantina and town. More homes are on the way, and some Norte Americanos are buying lots or homes in town.

The popularity of Scorpion Bay is reflected in an international clothing line that markets T-shirts and such with a Scorpion Bay logo!

This remote hideaway is not for everyone, but if raw Baja nature and ocean activities are on the agenda, San Juanico is hard to beat!

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San Juanico Beaches 

The sandy beaches from San Juanico run south uninterrupted for almost 30 miles, all the way down to Punta San Gregorio.

From the village southwest the beaches consist of low bluffs down to the water, with a mixed bottom of sand and volcanic rock. These beaches are where the waves break with excellent shape for surfing, when the swells come in from the south (long rights with some left shoulders on the outer points).


The bay starts at the edge of town where the sandy beach stops. Although the bottom consists mainly of sand, the shoreline is volcanic rock. Some type of foot