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With year round temperatures in the 80's, you can go fishing, swimming, sailing, kayaking, diving, horse back riding, and mountain biking, anytime you like. Loreto is the historical capital of Baja California, its culture runs deep and rich. You will find friendly, well maintained RV parks, an international airport, a bus depot and excellent tourist services including, hotels, motels, restaurants and car rentals. Aereo California offers daily flights from Los Angeles.

Loreto is surrounded by the inspiring scenery of La Giganta mountain range, the desert and the Sea of Cortez. Nature was generous with Loreto, behold the intense blues of the sea, the greens of palm groves and the violets of barren islands. Jesuit Padre Juan Maria de Salvatierra founded the Mission of Nuestra Senora de Loreto on October 25, 1697. As the first mission and later capital of the Californias.

After the Jesuits came the Franciscians and finally the Dominicans. In 1699, Padre Francisco Maria Piccolo founded the Mission of San Francisco Javier, which is situated in the sierra, 42 km from Loreto.  The mission church was built between 1744 and 1759 and is the most beautiful and well preserved in Baja California Sur.

Loreto is part of a major government tourist project "Loreto-Nopolo Puerto Escondido" with an 18 hole golf course and a 9 court tennis center and stadium. Loreto celebrates its town festival each year from the 5th to the 8th of September and a regional fair between October 19th and 25th.

Take a stroll along the pleasant boardwalk "Malecon", admire the spectacular horizon of mountains to the west opposite the sea. Loreto has always been popular with the fishing crowd a new marina north of town offers top charters, a good boat ramp and international Dorado and Yellowtail fishing tournaments. Today Loreto has also become popular with kayakers and divers.

The waters around the local islands have been designated an underwater National Park. The islands of Isla Coronado, Isla Carmen and Isla Danzantes each reveal hidden coves and spectacular white sandy beaches. Loreto has come a long way from the dusty days when the blacktop first came to town in 1972

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Loreto Beaches 

Loreto has miles of sandy beaches, north and south of town. The Malecon consists of large boulders, creating a long breakwater for the city. The beaches near town are made up mostly of brown sand. Offshore, two nearby islands offer spectacular white sand beaches in protected emerald coves. North to south . . .

ISLA CORONADO, north east of town, less than a half hour ride in a small boat "panga". A relatively small island with a spectacular hidden beach at the south end.

PLAYA LORETO, Just next to the marina, at the north end of town. This brown sand beach starts at the marina, and runs for miles up the coast, lots of privacy the further north you go.

ISLA DEL CARMEN, southwest of downtown Loreto. About 35 minutes by boat. On the north shore, a great white sandy beach tucked away in a protected cove! Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, exploring the sand dunes... this protected beach is a true gem.

NOPOLO BEACH, A few minutes south of the airport, near the tennis center and golf course. Easy access to a secluded beach, near cliff.

TRIPUI BEACH, South of Loreto, left turn at Puerto Escondido, Dirt road to beach. A beautiful, protected cove, usually uncrowded, services available at Tripui Park.

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There are a few places in town that offer camping facilities, and miles of beaches and open terrain out of town. Most of the camping in and around Loreto is basic in nature, offering few amenities. Camping on the beach is
possible just north of town, and there are some great beaches further south as well.

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Loreto is a big fishing town, both for the locals and for the Baja traveler. Even though the fishing improves as the water starts to warm up towards summer, there really is good fishing in Loreto year round. Those who bring their own boats will have no problem launching on the cement ramp in the new harbor on the north end of town. Boats with a deep draft should avoid launching at very low tides. There are plenty of competent local skippers and vessels available for charter.

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for info and reservations book Loreto hotels

    BAJA.TV / practice your own brand of freedom tm / Loreto

for info and reservations book Loreto hotels  

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While shopping in Loreto iis not comparable to other developed resorts it offers a pleasant mix of markets and stores.

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The International airport just 2 miles south of town offers direct flights to and from Los Angeles, Hwy 1 and the so-called harbor at Puerto Escondido with its fantasy marina afford alternate means of arrival/departure.

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Mission San Javier is one of the true jewels of the Baja Mission system. It is located 22 miles west of Loreto on an unpaved road. This road can be traveled by most passenger vehicles, although small cars with low clearance will have to adapt to a bit slower pace. If you're not in a hurry this is a very pleasant drive. Average driving time is less than 2 hours. The mission itself is located in a palm filled valley, with the population of the local village around 300 (goats, chickens and horses not included). It's extremely well preserved, made of large stones and lava rock, and a walking tour of the mission and surrounding grounds is a genuine treat. This settlement was started by the Jesuits in the year 1699.

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Even though fishing has always been the main stay of Loreto, more and more Baja travelers are finding other ways to enjoy their stay in this fun seaside town. A few options include:

SCUBA:  diving is excellent along the cliffs and offshore islands especially Isla Del Carmen

GOLF: at Nopolo Resort. Laid back, crowds are rare.

KAYAKING: Although the beach in town and just north of town is somewhat exposed to the prevailing winds, south of town near Nopolo the seaside cliffs provide a windbreak close to shore. For beginners, kayaking in the harbor at Puerto Escondido is an enjoyable experience.

TENNIS: At the Nopolo Resort.