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Bahia De Los Angeles 

BAHIA DE LOS ANGELES is located 42 miles south east of the Transpeninsular Highway, approximately 350 miles south of the U.S. border. The road is paved, however it usually has several areas with rather large pot holes. Most of these holes can be avoided if you are driving anywhere near the posted speed limit. Since this is unlikely, keeping a sharp eye on the road is a very good idea. Because of the easy access via the paved road, Bay of L.A. has always received its fair share of Baja aficianados.

As the Baja traveler drives the last few miles towards Bahia de los Angeles, the Sea of Cortez and the offshore islands explode into view. This is one of the most spectacular vistas in all of Baja, and well worth a stop for photograph. The town itself is layed out in somewhat of a haphazard manner, and aesthetically leaves something to be desired. However, whatever this small town lacks in manmade beauty, nature has more than made up for with the incredible scenery of the surrounding mountains, seas, and the dramatic islands floating just offshore.

This isolated village does offer basic supplies such as beer, ice, and some food items. And the market on the right side of the road has a telephone which is usually working. Boaters will have no problem launching off of the two boat ramps in town, and private pilots will find that the local airport is usually in very good condition (after a brief stop in San Felipe as an Airport of Entry).

Bahia de los Angeles is perfect for travelers who want to experience a true Baja adventure, but who don't want to stray too far from the blacktop!

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Bahia De Los Angeles   Beaches 

Bahia de los Angeles has some very nice beaches, although the more popular ones tend to be a bit north or south of town. The beaches alternate between rock and sand, both north and south of town, and access is generally pretty easy.

Since the paved highway ends right in town, having a vehicle that can accommodate dirt roads is important to reach the out of town beaches. Most of the coastline of the offshore islands consists of cliffs and rocky beaches, so if you are looking for beaches, keep your focus along the coast!


8 miles north of town, take the coastal dirt road out past the airstrip.

A good sandy beach, very remote, gets a good crowd when the weather is nice.


North east of town on the point, dirt road north, right at junction.

Another good sandy beach, protected waters, and closer to town. 


Smack dab in the middle of town.

Sandy beaches close to all the action.


South east of town, on the south end of the bay, left turn off the main road at signs. Very nice beaches, somewhat exposed to prevailing north west winds.


There are some excellent secluded beaches south of Bahia de los Angeles that are accessible only by boat. The sand is wonderful, the water is clear, and the best part'll have them all to yourself!

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Camping is fun and easy in Bay of L.A. There are miles of beaches north and south of town, and it's usually no problem just pulling up to a good spot and setting up camp.

Most of the camping is done north of town because of the easy proximity to town. But don't discount the beaches on the south end of the bay, especially when the winds are calm. They are just as beautiful, and usually less crowded.


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Fishing and boating are popular here, partially because of the blacktop access all the way from the U.S. border. This makes it an easy trek for trailered boats coming down from the southern states. The quality of fishing has gone through various stages over the last few decades, and appears to be on an upswing during the latter part of the 90's.

There is no question that over fishing from commercial boats has caused a significant drop in the fishing in the waters off of L.A. Bay. Recent regulations against long lines and such seem to have helped stem the tide of over fishing, and good fishing seems to be on the increase. There are 2 boat launching ramps right in town.


Right in town, good launch ramp!

Fishing trips arranged in the local waters, just stop on by.


Telephone (800) 894-7239.

San Diego.

Custom fishing trips arranged for Bahia de los Angeles.

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Luxury accommodations are not an option in Bay of L.A. However, the accommodations that are available are generally clean, and well priced.

Both of the hotels are located just a stone's throw from the water, and close to the other services in town. 


In town, right side, past the brick wall.

Basic rooms near the water, inexpensive. 


Located on the west side of the road as you enter town.

Small motel and restaurant, inexpensive rooms.


Telephone 011-52 (665) 0-3208 * (760) 741-9583
Fax (760) 489-5687.

In town, right side of the road. You can't miss it!

Nice rooms / pool / restaurant / bar / a short walk to the Sea of Cortez.

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Having a good breakfast to get started in the morning, or winding down with a good dinner after a full day outdoors is a great way to enjoy L.A. Bay. The number of restaurants is not large, but the quality of food is good, and the prices are reasonable. 


Located on the right hand side of the road as you come into town.

Basic Mexican food menu, plus basic breakfast items. Eating out front on the patio is fun when the weather is nice. Indoor seating with interesting photos also available.


The only restaurant located on the left (east) side of the road as you enter town.

It's also the only place to get a bite to eat in town, where you can wiggle your toes in the sand and watch the waves of the Sea of Cortez lap onto the sand! It's not 5 star quality, but it's the best ocean front dining you're gonna find in Bay of L.A.!


Located on the west side of the street, half way through town.

A small Mexican restaurant with a basic menu. Inexpensive prices!


Located at the south end of town, on the right side of the street.

Quaint restaurant and hotel, nothing fancy!

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There are a couple of stores in town where a Baja traveler can stock up on the basics. Both of them are on the right side of the road as you enter town. They both seem to offer a potpourri of items, and the inventory runs very inconsistent. Still, the determined Baja traveler should be able to muster up whatever essentials may be required to get them to the next stop.


Located on the right side of the road as you enter town. A fair selection for these parts, still don't expect much.

Two telephones in the rear of the store keep locals and tourists in touch with the outside world!


A cute market, midtown. Small selection.

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In the old days, most visitors to Bahia de Los Angeles arrived by private plane. And many still do. However, the number of Baja travelers arriving by vehicle increased significantly when the government paved the road from the Transpeninsular Highway.

Each year more tourists realize how easy it is to drive to this little hideaway, which seems a million miles removed from the day to day dramas left behind at home.



LOCATION: Just north of town off of the dirt road.



RUNWAYS: 15 / 33

LENGTH: 4,846 Feet

TOWER: Unicom 122.8



COMMENTS: This airstrip is just a couple miles north of town, but it is not walking distance to the beach. If you want to be picked up, circle the town to get somebody's attention.


LOCATION: South of town a few miles, just in from the water.

SURFACE: Sand and dirt


RUNWAYS: 17 / 35

LENGTH: 3,347 Feet




COMMENTS: A handy airstrip if you own one of the houses on the beach south of town, otherwise the north airport is the preferred strip.


There is no bus service directly to Bahia de los Angeles, but regularly schedules buses do stop at the L.A. Bay Junction at the Transpeninsular Highway.


Gasoline is a tough call in L.A. Bay. Sometimes they have it, sometimes they don't. What makes it even worse is the lack of consistent fuel at the L.A. Bay Junction on the Transpeninsular Highway. The Pemex station there has been closed for years, but individuals selling gasoline from drums are sometimes available. Don't be surprised if the cost here is over $3 U.S. per gallon.

When there is gas in town, the best place to find it is at the very south end of town, by the boat ramp. Visitors to Bahia de los Angeles would be wise to top off at Catavina on the way down, and to carry extra gas cans just in case.

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PUNTA SAN FRANCISQUITO is where you head if you are looking for an adventure in the real Baja outback. This remote Baja hideaway is not easy to get to, but it is even harder to leave! After all...who wants to leave paradise?

Punta San Francisquito is a small rustic resort (and we use the word 'resort' rather loosely here) tucked away on a prestine two mile stretch of beach in the middle of nowhere. Services are basic here, and include a very casual restaurant and bar area, 5 good size palapas with cots for sleeping, plus restrooms and showers. Pilots love the place because of the well maintained airstrip (see stats below), and Baja adventurers of all types drop by for an evening or two for a little R. & R.

Charri and Javier do an excellent job of running the facilities, and the meals are usually delicious! Plan on a rugged three hour drive south from Bay of L.A... it's worth it!


LOCATION: Just behind the resort, steps to the ocean!

SURFACE: Hard packed dirt covered with asphalt.


RUNWAYS: 15 / 33

LENGTH: 3,725 Feet


FUEL: Usually


COMMENTS: The runway is usually in very good shape, and the taxi way is well defined. Av-gas is at east end of the field, transient parking is over by the south end of the field, near the resort.

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The wild and rugged nature of this beautiful area compliment many types of recreation. Both land and water sports can be enjoyed here all year long.

With the spectacular backdrop of the Sea of Cortez and the offshore islands, recreation is given a new spirit in these parts.


Snorkeling and scuba diving off of the local islands can be very good. Some of the islands offer a rather bland view of rocks smaller fish, while other islands offer a nice display of soft corals, sea fans, sponges, and a variety of fish. Wetsuits are recommended November through May.


Bahia de los Angeles is a great place for kayaks. The calm waters of the protected bay allows for easy paddling, and the water is clear. It can be fun to paddle out to the island group just offshore, or to head south along the beaches and bluffs at the lower end of the bay. Long excursions north and south are becoming increasingly common for experienced kayakers.


Dirt bikes, dune buggies and most 4 wheel drive vehicles will find no shortage of open terrain to explore. For short trips, the roads north and north-east of town make great runs. For longer runs, the road south to Punta San Francisquito is great all day or overnight adventure. For a tough interior road, try the dirt road which spurs off the main Bay of L.A. road to Mission San Borja. This road starts 28 miles from the Transpeninsular Highway, and heads south up into the rugged terrain. Very remote, but worth the effort.


Most sailboats don't quiet make it this far north in the Sea of Cortez. Those that do will find several excellent anchorages in the Bahia de las Angeles area.

Just a few miles south and east of "downtown" Bay of L.A., Puerto Don Juan offers a natural bay almost completely sheltered by winds. And there are two additional beautiful places to drop the hook, just around the point past Puerto Don Juan.

Unlike most of the coves north and south of town, most of the islands in the bay offer little in the way of beaches. Still, they can serve well as protection from the wind, although they are a bit removed from town access.


The calm waters of the bay are great for beginning boardheads, and the winds increase further from shore to give experienced riders a good run for their money. Launching is easy anywhere in town, or up and down the coast. The islands can twist the local winds up a bit, so staying clear will produce more consistent winds.