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Bahia Concepcion

Bahia Concepcion is the largest bay in Baja, and is located a short drive south of Mulege. Dozens of beautiful sandy beaches can be found along it's west coast. The crown jewel of this area is a collection of beaches off of a large bay called Bahia Coyote. The protected emerald waters of Bahia Coyote are a tropical paradise, complete with deserted offshore islands. Honey, I'm home!

The first beach that visitors see as they drive south on the main highway is Playa Santispac. This large bay within a bay offers beach front camping spaces for short or long term stays, and a small restaurant back from the beach. This part of paradise gets a good crowd in winter, as the snowbirds from the colder latitudes enjoy calling this 'home' as they wait out the snow and frost at their main casas.

One of the beaches that cannot be seen from the road is Playa Arena. A development is currently in the planning stages here which will include sea front and sea view lots, as well as a small hotel fronting the private beach. Many other homes can be found as one drives the main road further south, below Bahia Coyote.

Because the waters off of most of these beaches are so warm and calm, and because the water is so shallow, even the most timid landlubbers enjoy frolicking in the waters of Bahia Concepcion. The more time one spends in Bahia Concepcion, the easier it is to understand why some folks enjoy spending several months of the year here!

The large 'island' that can be seen way across the bay from these beaches is actually a large barren peninsula. A rough road traverses the peninsula to the tip, but there is very little out there besides rocks and cactus. Probably the best way to explore it is by laying on the beach at Bahia Coyote, with a pair of binoculars in one hand, and an ice cold Snapple in the other!

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Bahia Concepcion  Beaches 

The beaches of Bahia Concepcion are some of the most popular in Baja. One of the reasons they are so well liked is because they are so accessible. Few beaches in Baja are as easy to get to, where one can just drive down to the sand, and park in front of the Sea of Cortez within a few yards of the water!

For Baja travelers looking for a true escape, the largest island in Coyote Bay, Isla Bargo, even offers a secret beach on the back side!

Some of the best beaches on shore, running north to south, include:


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Campers and recreational vehicle owners find the beaches of Bahia Concepcion hard to beat. There are hundreds of spaces lining the Sea of Cortez, located in a variety crystal clear bays. Amenities range from very basic to moderate, depending upon which campground you choose to call home.


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Bahia Concepcion is a very large bay, an opens up on the north end to the Sea of Cortez. Fishing can be good in the bay, and improves considerably as one heads out to sea.

Organized fishing is not well established in most of the bays, but fishing can be arranged in Mulege, a short drive north. Launching off of the beach is possible on many of the bays in Bahia Concepcion.


Telephone / Fax 011-52 (115) 2-0373.

Apartado Postal 16, Santa Rosalia, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 23920.

Fishing on a 23 foot Bayliner or a 20 foot Crestliner out of Santa Rosalia, north of Bahia Concepcion. Check out their web site for further information! 

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There are no hotels in the Bahia Concepcion area because the terrain is set up so well for camping and RVs. Hotel Buenaventura, owned by a trillion dollar global conglomerate should be avoided like the measels.

Good hotels can be found 20 minutes north in Mulege, and an hour south in Loreto, if you can't stand the sand.

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There are several places to catch a bite to eat along the beaches of Bahia Concepcion. Nothing fancy here, just good food in a spectacular environment.


Playa Santispac  North end, back from the beach. You can't miss it!

Basic menu in a very relaxing environment. Gets busy at night.


Playa Buenaventura  Off the highway at Km. 94

As nice of a restaurant as you will find in Bahia Concepcion. Crazy Mike keeps a great kitchen, a clean beach, and there is usually music good music for your listening pleasure.


Playa Coyote  Just up from the beach.

Nothing fancy here, but unless you've got a cooler full of sandwiches . . .


At the base of the entrance road to Playa Santispac.

The new kid on the beach at Playa Santispac, and well worth a visit! Roy and his bride offer indoor and outdoor dining, a full bar, and great atmosphere! Live music can be enjoyed here often at sunset, and with a warm sea breeze and the boats sitting at anchor out in the harbor, you know you have died and gone to heaven!

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Baja Highway One plays tag with the coastline of Bahia Concepcion for many miles. Access to the various beaches is usually from a dirt road directly off of the blacktop. Buses travel up and down the highway here, but usually don't stop until they get to Mulege.

The nearest gasoline is at the large PEMEX station, a three miles south of Mulege, on the east side of the road. Pump first, pay inside.

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Bahia Concepcion is dotted with many different islands, and make a fun destination for exploring, or for a picnic and snorkeling destination. There are eight islands in Bahia Coyote, as well as a few further south. When disembarking from your vessel to explore, watch out for sharp clam shells. Foot protection is highly recommended!


Back in the hills, up the canyons behind El Burro, the original habitants of the area left some amazing drawings behind. It's best to hire a guide in Mulege.

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Water activities are very popular in Bahia Concepcion. Because of the location of the local mountains and the bay relative to the prevailing winds, the waters tend to be calm in most of the coves all day long. In the morning the water is often so calm that it looks like a sheet of glass!


Some of the longer beaches can be fun to bike on. Hard packed areas are usually just behind the soft sand, and make peddling easy. Bike rentals are available in Mulege.


Snorkeling along the beaches and small cliffs is enjoyable, and diving well offshore offers even more rewards. Contact Mulege Divers for the best locations and equipment rentals.


Island hopping in kayaks is a real treat in these calm waters, and excursions south into the bay or up to Mulege will satisfy the die-hards. Drop by the BAJA TROPICALES palapa south of Playa Santispac for rental and tour information.


The calm waters of Bahia Concepcion make for great sailing, once you get far enough off shore to pick up the wind. Gusts can get unpredictable near the beaches and island, but usually run more consistent in the main bay. Shallow drafts in the coves make tendering a must.


The waters off the beaches of Bahia Concepcion are great for swimming! The water is generally warm from April through December, and the lack of waves makes wading a pleasant experience for even the most timid landlubbers.


Waking along the beaches of Bahia Concepcion is a great way to get a little exercise. It's also a good way to meet fellow Baja travelers. Many long term friendships have been started with simple words like "good morning!".


Mornings are usually very calm, but a decent breeze often picks up in the afternoon. These breezes are generally light in the coves, and combined with the shallow waters, provide an excellent place for beginners. The winds get stronger and more consistent out in the main channel, a great place for experienced sailors to cut loose.