Bahia Conception / Camping


13 miles south of Mulege at Km. 113.

 This large, beautiful bay is the first beach you'll see while heading south down the Baja Highway from Mulege. As the crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches explode into view, you might be saying "this is it!". While Playa Santispac is definately a great place to hang out and enjoy the Baja sun, it is also the largest of the bays, and always has a lot going on. Well worth a visit, but don't forget...more intimate beaches await you further south!

Toilets / showers / palapas / restaurant / busy in season / tents welcome.



Off the Transpeninsular blacktop at Km. 112, 14 miles south of Mulege.

A nice moderate size beach in close proximity to several offshore islands. Easy access for campers and R.V.'s. The beach here is good for launching boats, inflatables, kayaks, etc. Just a hop, skip, and a jump to Playa Santispac (to the north), in case you need a good restaurant!

13 sites / full hook-ups / flush toilets / showers / tennis / tents welcome.



16 miles south of Mulege, off the Baja Highway at Km. 109.

This is a great beach, downright beautiful! It's not a very large beach, which makes it very nice. If you are one of the lucky ones to capture a spot here, it will be hard to leave.

Palapas / toilets / tents welcome / boat launching over sand / inexpensive.



Cruise off of the Baja blacktop at Km. 108.

A good beach for campers and R.V.'s, just take it slow over the access road. This is a dirt (and crushed shell) road, but it is firm and wide enough for most any rig. Road goes to the right (south) for about one half mile, then opens up to a beautiful cove with a nice sandy beach! The hot ticket here is to capture a spot under one of the beautiful palm trees, or to find a spot at the very south end where it is nice and private.


Right off the Baja Blacktop at Km.94.5.

Not a whole bunch of room here for camping...most of the space on this beautiful little beach has been set aside for the hotel / restaurant / bar set up. Still, there are three almost new palapas sitting right on the beach, just waiting for the discriminating Baja traveler. Hot showers are available for a minimal price, bathrooms are free. Quiet, beautiful, nice!


Slip of the Baja Highway at Km. 92.5.

A secret beach tucked in behind the mangroves, offering just enough space for you and a few close friends. If you get lonely, the path at the south end connect to Playa Requeson.


27 miles south of Mulege, at Km. 93.5

Two beautiful bays connected by a spit of sand at low tide. When the tide is out, you can walk to the island just offshore for additional exploring opportunities! If this beautiful looks familiar, you've probably seen it on a post card, in a picture, or on a vacation poster. There's plenty of room here for everyone to get along, but this great beach is nowhere near as big as its famous sister Playa Santispac further north. The road at the south end cuts across to another beautiful (but smaller) beach, Playa La Perla. Palapas are available for $4, camping spots for $3, and the pit toilets are free. (Thank you very much!)


A quick zip off of the Baja Highway at Km. 92.

The beach itself is 1/2 mile down a good dirt road, and an easy trot for R.V.'s. This small, crescent shaped beach offers a lower camping area near the water's edge, and a slightly raised camping area to the north, offering spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez! The beach road to the north cuts across to La Requeson beach. Camping spots are $2 per night, and cool palapa huts run $3 and $4 per night.


Just below Baja Highway One at Km.91.5

An easy dirt road runs you along the base of the bluffs at water's edge for about 3/4 of a mile, leading you to this beautiful 200 yard long beach. The road is okay for larger R.V.'s, as long as you take it s-l-o-w. There are large rocks at the south end of the beach, which make for good snorkeling, and the water just offshore is nice and shallow. Camping is $2 per nite, and renting a beach palapa is $3 per night. Pit toilets are available. Track down Don Raoul or one of his partners for camping space information.


Located off of the Baja blacktop at Km. 87.

Most Baja campers and R.V.'s don't get this far south on Bahia Concepcion without falling in love with one of the beaches further north. Those who do make it this far have found a little jewel of a beach with few, if any, crowds. Easy access off of the highway. No services, just you, the sun, the sand, and the Sea of Cortez!