Bahia Conception / Beaches


Left off the blacktop at Km. 119, 2 miles on a tough rock and dirt road.

Worth it! One long, beautiful, private, wind protected beach! No crowds, a few local homes. A rough road wraps to the south, ending up at Playa Santispac (lunch anyone?).


Off the main Baja Highway at Km. 114, a short drive right down to the beach!

Very popular, for a lot of good reasons! Very well protected from the winds, lots of beach space available, two restaurants behind the beach work well for snacks, meals, and wedding receptions!


Left turn off the Transpeninsular at Km. 112, just down the hill to paradise!

The beach is great here, but what makes this place special is the close proximity to the offshore islands. This beach is the perfect launching pad for kayaks, boats, etc.


Left turn off of Highway One at Km. 111, watch for oncoming cars and trucks coming from around the corner!

You've driven by all the big beaches with all the crowds, but you are looking for a beach with a little more intimacy. This jewel is small, and usually not crowded. Nice sandy beach, clear waters, wonderful. Enjoy!


Slip down off of the Baja Highway at Km. 109.

Get your mask and snorkel ready! This is a great beach, plus directly off shore is the largest island in Coyote Bay. Isla Bargo has a secret sandy beach on the back side that provides the perfect place for a private getaway!


Hang a left off the asphalt at Km. 108, take it slow over the bumps!

The access road follows along the bottom of the bluffs to the right for about 1/2 mile to the main beach. Smaller mini-beaches can be enjoyed along the way. For years this beautiful beach graced the front cover of the Auto Club Baja Book. A large beach with room for everyone! Looking for a mini-adventure? There are hot springs at the south end, just up from the shore. And snorkeling can be enjoyed along the rocks at the south end, as well.


Off the freeway at Km. 100.

A long dirt road heads south and finally ends at the beach. This beautiful beach cannot be seen from the road, and is not easy to get to. Hence, it is one of the last to get crowded when the season gets busy. Enjoy the solitude!


Hang a left at Km. 94.5, just a short drive to the parking lot and beaches.

Stay left for the hotel, and go right for the restaurant, bar, three beachfront palapas, bathrooms and showers. Nice beaches, and a very well organized set up. A big draw here is the Hotel San Buenaventura, and George's Ole Restaurant. A small but well maintained escape for those in the know. Owner Moke does a good job of keeping things ship-shape. Very nice!


Just off the blacktop at Km. 92.5.

A secret beach tucked in behind the mangroves, offering just enough space for a small group. The path at the south end cuts across to Playa El Requeson.


Slip off the blacktop at Km. 93.

The beach is downhill to the right. If this scenic beach looks familiar, it's probably because you've seen it in post cards, pictures, or posters. It's a Baja classic, including palm trees and two beautiful beaches. At low tide the offshore island connects to the shore, allowing additional exploring. This is a big beach, and a fun place to snorkel and just hang out. The road to the south connects to Playa la Perla, a smaller, yet still beautiful, beach.


Left turn off of the Baja Highway at Km. 92.

A quiet beach offering palapas in the sand. The lower area is right on the sand. The upper area (to the north) sits up a bit on a low bluff with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez! Because it is so much further south than the other beaches, it rarely gets crowded here. Also, it's a bit more exposed to wind. The road at the north end connects to Playa El Requeson.


Located off Baja Highway One at Km. 91.5.

The dirt road leaving the highway wraps around the base of the bluffs for 3/4 mile, and then opens up to a beautiful 200 yard long beach! The water is shallow, and there are rocks to the south for snorkeling. Perfect!


Right off the Baja Highway at Km. 87.

A small, almost always empty, beautiful beach just below the road. No services. No problem!