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If your gonna travel Baja way or Baja style then you're gonna need stuff, the stuff I'm talking about could also be called accessories but that just doesn't sound right.   Now I don't mean aircon,  electric winches or satellite navigation gear, I mean tents and roo bars and hi-lift jacks, that sorta stuff!!  Baja stuff, real stuff!!


We all need somewhere to sleep, right? Well if you've got a lot of gear or need a lot of room then an annexe or tent is for you.  Check out this one, it must be the biggest bus tent I've ever seen!!

BIG Tent

Imagine rolling into camp, telling everyone to "stand back" and then unfolding this monster, awesome!! Of course you don't have to go to quite these lengths for somewhere to sleep. 

Maybe something like this is more like what you'll need.

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Of course the 70's jacket and pants aren't necessary and the Bus could do with some lift!!

If you don't have the rugrats along then maybe a poptop will do, my Sopru conversion will sleep four, or if the weathers fine how about an annexe and sleep outside?   Anyway that's enough on tents for now.

Coming soon, the hi-lift jack and the roo bar, then what??


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