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04/10/00 Updated the Speed and RPM calculator

18/09/00 Added a Speed and RPM calculator that I wrote, it's free to download

09/06/00 Added heaps!! pictures, a link and an update to lifting the front with a photo

02/05/00 Added some more pictures and an update on one Bus

28/04/00 A new story "A Redneck Campfire"

06/04/00 Baja Buses makes Volksworld

09/02/00 Added a guestbook so sign it :)

18/01/00 Added my first update for 2000, Two new links

07/10/99 Added a new link to Volks Engineering where they'll build you a Baja Bus

01/10/99 Added another Baja Bus picture page

08/09/99 Added another story "Unpassable Pass"

05/08/99 Added a whole new page of Baja Bus pictures.  More updates soon

03/08/99 Added some more jumping pictures, expect some major updates soon

08/06/99 Added two new readers Bus pictures to the last picture page

01/06/99 Added a new tech page on lighting

20/03/99 Added a new picture, check out a Splittie Baja Bus

16/12/98 Added a second Bus Tale from a Baja adventurer

05/12/98 Added a whole page of pictures, all buses in action!!!  Very cool!!!

13/10/98 Added a new Electric's Bus Tech page (couldn't sleep tonight)

13/10/98 Added a new link to Oasis VW, these guys are building a Baja Bus conversion kit!!!

19/09/98 Added another Baja Bus picture, this one's real nice

31/08/98 Added a new link to Baja 1641

18/08/98 Added a Glossary of terms, but don't expect it to be too serious

16/08/98 Added a new picture of my Bus and updated some Power tech pictures

20/07/98 Added pictures to Matts story

19/07/98 Added a Baja Vanagon picture to the second picture page

17/07/98 Added the 'Stuff' page, Geez I've been busy!

16/07/98 The first real update, a second picture page and a 'power' tech page

09/07/98 The Baja Bus page is born, Waaaah, Waaaah

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