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I wanted to call this section 'Readers BAJA Buses', but I don't have any yet.   Check out what a Baja Bus is and send over pictures of yours.

I'll kick things off with a picture of my Bus, its only part way through the Bajafication Process as its being modified in almost every area.   Its probably the furthest from the Baja look out of all the Buses here but its just a matter of time :)

My partly Baja'd Bus

Its a 75 Sopru, that's Australian, Camper.  The rear wheels are 7" with a 235/75/15 tire, that's about 29"x9.5" in imperial sizes.  The front tires are 205/75/15 on a 6" wheel and are about 27"x8".  The suspension is at its standard height at the moment but the wheels help keep it out of the weeds, you can get an idea of the front tire size when you know it isn't lowered or lifted (Although it may have sagged a bit over the years).  When you compare it to the other Buses on this page the wheels look small, compare it to standard and they look huge!!

To get it really charging up those dunes or crawling through goo its also got a 270cid ,that's a 4.4lt, all alloy V8 engine.  The transaxle is also heavily modified (read 'cost a lot') to cope with a ton of torque and the rev range of the motor.

Wheels and engine

Just thought I'd throw one more picture in.  As you can see it's a bit beaten up but then that's what happens when you get off the beaten track.  Here you can see how tight a fit that wheel really is and what a squeeze the V8 is.  There are a few other bits that go on the back to help strengthen the Bus but it's easier to see everything with them off.  If I drove the Bus like this the torque would probably twist the chassis without the rest of the strengthening parts!!


Cool Green machine

This Bus is very cool, I snapped it at a show in 97 sitting in the carpark.   The wheels really make this one.  The rears are 33"x12.5" and the fronts are 215/75/15 from what I can remember.  This took some really serious work to get those tires under the back, checkout the tech page for an idea on what's involved, don't be put off though as it is possible to build at home.  The front has been lifted about six inches and the rear is lifted so it sits on the lower stops.

Nothing special about the engine, its just a tidy 2.0lt running through a 1600 transaxle so the gearing is low enough to turn those tires in the sand.  The owner tells me a 2.7lt Subaru motor is planned to help with the much needed torque.


Practical Baja

This is more the look I'm after, the rear tires on this one are 30"x9.5" and the fronts are 205/75/15 I think.  The front is lifted just by putting in coil over shocks and winding them right up while the rear is lifted by resetting the torsion arms a notch further down.  Its simple yet effective and provides the cheapest and most practical way of getting a Baja bus, even if its not the prettiest.  I must admit though I don't like the way the front is lifted, check out the tech page to find out why.

These wheels are about the biggest you can go and still run a mild engine, any bigger and you don't have the grunt to turn them in the sand or mud especially with a 2.0lt transaxle.


Big Blue

Another cool Bus, this one has had a serious lift, here its on its lowest setting !!  Rear tires are 31"x10.5" and the fronts are 30"x9.5" its also got a 252cid ,4.2lt, V8 engine, this time its an iron block though so its pretty heavy.   This Bus can get a total of 12" of lift over standard, and it needs the minimum its got here to fit those wheels under uncut guards.

Its running a standard 1600 transaxle to help with the gearing but it would be revving that V8 pretty high on the freeways, 1st would be great in the sand though, just let it idle along.



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