"Better intellectual hell than stupid paradise" Victor Hugo

The first time JMS drove down BAJA in the spring of 1988, he got as far as La Paz, when at 16 de Septiembre & Gomez Farias 3 cars crashed into his VW Van from two sides.

The following 2 weeks of body shop, junkyard mechanic live-in, became the foundation of his illustrious Spanish language knowledge (hijos de la chingada!) ...on the day his van was pronounced "fixed" he gives a ride to a young local, who works at the Aramburo meat dept, who offers him free bones for Ollie, the golden retriever. Bone offer taken, same guy offers to sell him his house on the prairie. House offer taken. JMS never left.

BAJA.ORG launched on August 8, 1995 with 20 pages on the dawn of the dotcom boom to offer you a superior Web experience without being an advertiser-driven entity. (original tag line" "Baja California / data, desert, desperados")

December 1995 BAJA.ORG reaches 250 readers/month

August 1996 readership increases to 3,000/mth

January 1996 BAJA.ORG launches the mother of all webs

Between January of 1996 and October 1997, other generic domain names relating to BAJA CALIFORNIA were registered and acquired to build an extensive portfolio culminating in a successful niche brand known by millions of readers as BAJA.ORG / The Interactive Peninsula.

November 1996 launch of

February 1997 BAJA.ORG offers no fee, advertising-free web-based email and garners 5,000 subscribers

July 1997 BAJA.ORG contracts with 247MEDIA to manage it's growing subscriber database

August 1997 BAJA.ORG creates a search engine specifically dedicated to BAJA resources

October 1997 BAJA.ORG colocates a designated Unix server on an OC-3 connection

November 1997 BAJA.ORG absorbs award-winning New York eZine and continues to serve its eclectic content as entertainment traffic generator.

November 1997 launch of as Spanish language mirror site

January 1998, BAJA.ORG begins to offer branded free internet access to tens of thousands of users in the USA and Canada via it's affiliate

February 1998 BAJA.ORG sponsors MEXICO CUP Golf Tournament

May 1998 BAJA.ORG colocates a designated mail server on a separate network

June 1998 Dan Merzenich joins BAJA.ORG as CABOBOB.BAJA.ORG

June 1999 BAJA.ORG is the original IT provider and sponsor of EXPO LOS CABOS

December 1999 BAJA.ORG freeinternet division is acquired by Free-i-Networks of Seattle, and ultimately by NETZERO.

June 2000 BAJA.ORG migrates server OS to Linux, installs new web server.

September 2000 launch of

October 2000 launch of for Canadian visitors

July 2001, BAJA.ORG chooses Japan based WEATHERNEWS, the world's largest full service weather company to provide accurate weather information and bi-lingual analyses for the 11 key BAJA regions (

September 2001, Dublin, Ireland, BAJA.ORG chooses HUSH Communications to provide 2048 bit key serving encryption technology to it's web portal -- HUSH.COM Private Label is chosen as best-of-breed for enabling secure channel communications to BAJA.ORG subscribers, branding spy-proof, virus-free email to its web site.

March 2002 BAJA.ORG launches

April 2002 BAJA.ORG launches to entertain and enlighten people everywhere in the best tradition of the web.

June 2002 BAJA.ORG joins as founding member of the International Association of Professional Creators

August 2002 contracts BAJA.TV / practice your own brand of freedom! to provide content for a cutting edge infotainment segment engaging 4 million consumers at checkout counters in over 100 Ralph's Markets throughout Southern California.

September 2002 BAJA.ORG launches

October 2002 BAJA.ORG partners with San Diego Reader, largest weekly paper in the United States to offer web surfers special deals on clubs, restaurants and services just north of the border

November 2002 BAJA.ORG launches an all new

December 2002 the Spanish language search engine of BAJA.ORG is acquired by a Barcelona developer.

December 2002 BAJA.ORG server statistics reveal 17,133 pages on the system. database logs 52,000 opt-in subscribers

March 2003 BAJA.ORG launches

May 2003 BAJA.ORG sponsors 1st International Festival de no-low budget online filmmakers forum presenting the "Ideology Cola Awards"

May 2003 BAJA.ORG launches first real-time Baja reservation system via and

June 2003 launch of offering Puerto Vallarta reservations

December 2003 launch of Rosarito Beach info and reservations

January 2004 BAJA.ORG is acquired by Mensch Networks, completes server migration to

January 2003 launch of fast, real-time Mexico reservations site

February 2004 re-launch of "The Whole Enchilada"

February 2004 release of BAJA.ORG site version 8 supported by new content management system

January 2005 BAJA.ORG records 3.141 Baja reservations processed for prior 12 month period

December 1995 BAJA.ORG reaches 250 readers/month
August 1996 BAJA.ORG registers 3,000 reader per month
October 1997 BAJA.ORG tops 20,000 readers/month
September 1998 BAJA.ORG reaches 60,000 reader/month
December 1999 BAJA.ORG registers 100,000 reader/month
December 2000 BAJA.ORG reaches 180,000 reader/month 4x1 page views
November 2001 BAJA.ORG tops 400,000 reader/month
August 2002 BAJA.ORG tops 530,000 monthly uniques, 2.6 million page views
March 2003 BAJA.ORG tops 555.000 monthly uniques
December 2003 BAJA.ORG tops 6 million readers and 550 million hits
December 2004 BAJA.ORG tops 665 million hits for the year
December 2005 BAJA.ORG tops 700 million hits, 6 million reader for the year
December 2006 BAJA.ORG tops 727 million hits, 6.5 million reader for the year

June 2007 BAJA.ORG sells its dotCom cousin and bounces back to 50,000 monthly readers

November 2007 BAJA.ORG rates PR5, the highest Google rank of any Baja web site.

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