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Catavíña is an ideal place to see the wonders of nature, an idyllic oasis of cactus, smooth lava stones and glistening pools.

The desert is strewn with house-sized boulders and rupestrial paintings in caves and rocky fronts. Rupestrial paintings are paintings or engravings on the surface of rocks probably related to ceremonial activities done thousands of years ago. These "paintings" are mainly found in natural cavities and caves in one specific area.

Catavíña offers excellent opportunities to hike up the mountains, go mountain biking, or camping. On the road you will encounter Santa Marķa Oasis, where ruins of the last Jesuit mission on the peninsula, Santa Marķa de los Angeles Cabujacaamag, are practically untouched. Other sites to see are the great concentration of "Blue Palms" and La Poza Escuadra, a natural reservoir placed between giant, granite rocks.