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Don't be foolish. You MUST have special insurance when traveling in Baja and mainland Mexico. Your US policy does NOT cover you or your vehicle, boat etc.

BAJA.ORG recommends that you obtain broad coverage with aggregate legal services from a reputable company like MEXPRO, with a nationwide network of claims service centers in Mexico. Please follow the above links.

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How to Handle an Auto Accident in Mexico
What do I do if I have an accident in Mexico?
WARNING: All claims and losses must be reported in Mexico prior to your return to the United States.
What To Do about a Claim on Your Insurance
First a little background. Remember that Mexico is a foreign country and its laws are different from the U.S. This guide is designed to help you know what is required by the Mexican insurance company so that your loss can be resolved as quickly as possible.
One Car Accidents
If only your car is involved in an accident or damaged in any other way, two situations exist:
  1. If the car can be driven safely, contact one of the Mexican adjusters shown on the Claims Service Centers page. The adjuster will complete an accident report, and you should receive a copy. You must report to an adjuster for MEXPRO. before returning to the U.S.
  2. If you are unable to drive your car, report to an adjuster for MEXPRO in Mexico before returning the U.S. The adjuster will make an accident report (with a copy for you) and arrange to take your vehicle to a lot or to a shop. Please remove all of your personal effects and papers.
Multiple Car Losses
Call an adjuster as soon as possible. Do not accept responsibility or offer to pay the other driver. Usually, the police will arrive at the accident scene. Show them your insurance policy and the adjuster list. Mexican police know that virtually all tourists have insurance; they will generally help you contact your adjuster.
The adjuster will complete and accident report and secure a copy of the police report. You should ask for a copy of both. The adjuster will also assume responsibility for taking your damaged vehicle to a lot or a shop, or, if you are unable to drive the car, he will attempt to arrange the situation so you may proceed.
If there are injuries in any vehicle involved, you and the adjuster may be asked to accompany the police to the precinct house. The adjuster will handle all details with the police. If you must leave your vehicle in a police lot, you will be asked to sign a power-of-attorney so that the insurance company will be able to remove your vehicle once all legal requirements are met.
What Happens Next?
If an adjuster assisted you with the loss, he will send a copy of his report to the insurance company's nearest office. The Claims Department in Mexico will review with you what information is needed to pay your claim. Basically, they will need the following:
  1. Photocopy of:
    • Your insurance policy
    • Your driver's license
    • Copy of the damaged vehicle's registration
    • Photo showing damage
    • Copy of adjuster's report
  2. Two original estimates for repair of damage. (WE CANNOT ACCEPT PHOTOCOPIES)
Upon MEXPRO approval, a check is prepared and sent to you along with a release which you are asked to sign and return.
The key to a rapid claim payment is your cooperation in sending the proper data listed above. We have found that the majority of medium and large claims can be paid in 30 days if we receive the information requested in a timely manner. Smaller claims-minor dents, bumps, and glass breakage- can be paid more rapidly.
A final word about the adjuster. In most smaller towns and cities, all insurance companies work with independent adjusters. This means the adjuster represents a number of companies. If he is attending a serious loss, he will not be able to respond to a one-car loss quickly. If this is the case, let us know which adjuster you tried to contact, and proceed as shown under One Car Accidents.
Procedure For Handling Claims Occurring in Mexico
All accidents or losses occurring in Mexico must be reported to the Mexican insurance company and responsible authorities prior to your return to the U.S. Failure to do so may jeopardize your claim.
  1. Complete any regular safety procedures such as setting out flares, sending for medical assistance, removing vehicles from traffic if possible, etc.
  2. Contact the nearest local adjuster listed on the Adjusters List included in this section.
  3. Be sure to keep copies of all forms and reports regarding your claim. If possible, take pictures of any damage to vehicles at the scene of the accident.
  4. The Mexican insurance company will arrange to handle your claim to conclusion.
  5. To report a claim/accident/loss, immediately contact the nearest claim service center. or call the bilingual Toll-Free Hotline.
The 5 Basic Auto Coverages
All Mexico insurance coverages are the same- only the limits may vary. Here are brief descriptions of these coverages. (Specifications of Risks.)
  1. Collision, Upset, Glass Breakage: This covers your vehicle up to limits stated on your policy for damages resulting from collisions, upsets (turning over), and glass breakage. The deductibles are $500 (U.S.) per accident per described vehicle, boat and/ or trailer. A boat and trailer is considered one unit and the vehicle is also considered as one unit. (Both subject to the applicable deductibles).
  2. Fire and Theft: This coverage protects your vehicle up to the limits stated on your policy for fire, lightening,explosion, total theft, strikes, popular uprisings, and meteorological phenomena such as windstorms, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. Deductible for fire, lightning, and explosion is $500 (U.S.). Total theft of the vehicle is subject to a $1000 (U.S.) deductible.
  3. Property Damage: This protects you against losses resulting in damage that your vehicle might cause property owned by others-provided you are legally liable.
  4. Civil Liability: This covers your legal liability for injuries or death to a third party resulting from the use of your vehicle. (Occupants of your vehicle are not covered under Risk #4.)
  5. Medical Payments: This covers you up to the limits stated on your policy for the occupants of your vehicle in case of collision, upset or fire.
  6. Partial theft, malicious mischief and vandalism are not covered.
NOTICE: Under Risks 1 and 2 the company (MEXPRO) is not legally obligated to repair or replace your vehicle, trailer, or boat in the United States. / Experts Since 1492 ™ / Read our Copyright Info | Mission Statement | Statistics | Privacy Policy | Dansk | Deutsch | Francais | Italiano | Mandarin | Contact Us