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information wants to be free. is a website involving many geographically separated authors and programmers that have at least two things in common: a love for baja and we are all using computers. is consciously a cultural experiment. The idea from the beginning has been the belief that if you provide tools for people to build something, they will probably build something useful. is a low-rules environment in which it is possible to take internet technology to its cultural limits.

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who tunes in? are granola-eating utopians, sailors, solar-power folk, off-road enthusiasts, serious ecologists, surfers, immortalists, vagabonds, deadheads, doctors, divers, anglers, eggheads, environmentalists, engineers, young computer wizards, grizzled old hands and writers, journalists and photographers in many countries. There's a cross-sectional feeling of "who are we?" that transcends the intersecting and non-intersecting rings of friends and acquaintances each individual develops.
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Como muchos otros aspectos de la era digital, en el verano de 1995 comenzó siendo una idea, creció hasta convertirse en una afición, y acabó siendo una pasión a tiempo completo. trata de hacer de Internet un lugar más agradable en el que estar, que facilita la búsqueda de información y la realización de actividades en linea. Ha tenido tanto éxito que en 2006 seis millones de personas visitaron a

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